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Dharma Yogi is the latest telugu movie which is the telugu dubbed version of Kodi.Kodi movie was released yesterday and due to some technical reasons Dharma Yogi is postponed to today.Dharma Yogi Movie Review is completely based on the point of view of the person who watched the movie Dharma Yogi and it might vary from one person to another. Dharma Yogi Movie Review is the latest update about Dharma Yogi Movie in which Dhanush and Trisha.Coming to the cast and crew of the movie before entering into Dharma Yogi Movie Review the team includes Dhanush,Trisha Krishnan, Anupama Parameshwaran in lead roles along with DMJ Rajasimhan.Dharma Yogi Movie is framed in the banner of Wunderbar Films and in telugu version it is released in the banner of Vighneshwara Entertainments.R. S. Durai Senthilkumar is the director of Dharma Yogi movie.

Dharma Yogi Movie Review: 

Dharma Yogi introduced with the story line of  two guys who even looks like twins and complete story revolves around them.Dhanush is playing dual role in the movie.One is an educator boy named Dharma (Dhanush) and the other is a legislator named Yogi (Dhanush). Rudra (Trisha Krishnan) is a politician who is the love interest of Kodi, while another girl named Malathi (Anupama Parameswaran) like Rishi. A nuclear power plant project begins near a village, leading to destruction of the village and the lives of people working in the factory.Who are back in this construction of the plant? Does the plant is eventually built or not? shaped the history of rest.

Performance: As expected, the main point of the film is more acting peaks at Dhanush performance in both the characters. His impulsive performance in the dual role and presence in the fantastic display in both roles manage to captivate audiences long time. Dhanush represented mass performance in each frame as Politician and the other character as the educated person attracts classic pulse. Trisha looks great in the movie. Anupama Parameswaran gave the best performance of his role.

Analysis: The music is good but not so effective. Director of the scenario seems to have made an apt work, while the dialogue writer entertains the audience to some extent with its quirky one-liners. The scenario could say that the main strength of the film as he took the film to the next level. Another plus is the superb camera work that raises some scenes quite well.

Dharma Yogi Movie Review: Positives and Negatives

Positive things in Dharma Yogi Movie:

  • Dhanush Performance
  • Trisha’s role
  • story
  • Screenplay
  • Amazing twists

Negative things in Dharma Yogi:

  • Music
  • Lagging in Narration


Verdict:This is the amazing political thriller with outstanding performance of Dhanush. It is must watch for the audience those who can adapt to Political story lines , and for the remaining it is a good attempt from Dhanush and Director too.You can watch it and entertain.

Rating: 3/5


Dharma Yogi Movie Review is written on the basis of One person it may or may not to reflect on opinions of others.

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