L.B Sriram Short Films are boosting L.B Sriram’s Second Innings

In Film Industry now a days Movie has become a pure business where ethical, human and traditional values ​​have very little place to talk. Everyone is running towards the commercial success that is synonymous come with high budgets, high technical values ​​but without heart and soul in history.Though some movies hit the screens with good content they are not even supposed to be in theaters more than a week.Most of the actors those who got fame in old movies are now living away from the lime light due to lack of opportunities.Coming to the point well known Writer,Comedian,versatile actor L.B Sriram initiated his second innings with great thought after being distant from the telugu movies. With strong affection over acting L.B Sriram started short films in the name of banner LB Sriram Heart Films i.e Life is Beautiful Creations. He started Youtube channel and started publishing those short films on that channel.Response to this channel is countless and really worthy. L.B Sri Ram heart fully thanked subscribers for their awesome response and feedback over short films done by him.Till now L.B Sriram did some short films before he completely enters into this field. Bisleri Bottle, Raallu are most prominent heart touching short films. In the banner of LB Sriram Heart Films L.B Sriram started short films like Maa Nanna, Prasadam and Pandaga. Till now these three videos are published in this channel along with their promos. These short films are mainly focused on Humanity, Attitude and mixed up with traditional values.Hope for the best from the heart of L.B Sriram.

L.B Sriram Short Films – Maa Nanna

L.B Sriram Short Films – Prasadam

L.B Sriram Short Films – Pandaga

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