Nivuru Movie represents the Hidden War – Great attempt based on Nirbhaya Case

Nivuru Movie is the latest upcoming telugu movie. Nivuru is the movie which was framed in the banner of JODI Brothers Creations. Nivuru Movie is produced by Abhi Ram.Co-Producer of Nivuru Movie is Vari Pelli Varsha and Executive Producer is Cheran .Nivuru movie Music Composed by M.L.Raju.Nivuru Movie is written and directed by Rushi Krishna PoosaPelli.Remaining team includes Suresh Kumar as Editor,Camera work done by Guru,Lyrics were written by Abhi Oopula.Suresh, Srikanth, Raju are Choreographers for the movie Nivuru. This movie is based on story line written over the harassment over Women and mainly referring Nirbhaya Case.Nivuru Movie posters are released.Release date will be announced soon.



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