Sunil trying hard for Success. Does Jakkanna give him a surprise?

Actor Sunil is trying hard for a hit movie after the success of Maryada Ramanna with Rajamouli. Though Sunil succeeded as a comedian and turned to Hero with Andala Ramudu.Krishnastami was also considered as normal movie. Now another movie with title Jakkana in the banner of RPA Creations.Jakkanna movie Main cast contains Suneel and Mannar Chopra including Saptagiri,Kabeer Singh, Prudhvi, Posani Krishna Murali, Viva Harsha and others. Music is composed by Dinesh.Camera work is done by C Ramprasad.Jakkana movie is produced by R Sudarshan Reddy.Vamsi K1rishna Akella is directing Jakkanna movie.

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