Divide 1 by 9,98,001 without using calculator.

Do you love Mathematics? Are you in relation with numbers? How far will you calculate? Are you interested in solving puzzles? Do you engage with riddles? Then this post is definitely for the maths lovers like you.We hope you have many experiences to follow up magic of numbers. Among that this simple operation will also mesmerize you definitely.If you use calculator for solving simple problems then we won’t call you an magician of numbers. If you want to be called so then try this game without using calculator. Come on have a paper and pen in to your hand and try the game.

Going to the problem: Divide 1 by 9,98,001

If you continue doing calculation the result will definitely shocks you. Don’t you believe? If you are tired doing multiple divisions of this number then go and watch the following video. In this video you will definitely find the myth and magic around this division.

After watching the video you will definitely get the conclusion in this problem. Want to be a part of such interesting things regarding mathematics? Do you really impress numbers by simple operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


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