Abhinetri Movie Heroine Tamanna Bhatia latest photos gallery

Abhinetri is the upcoming telugu movie which is going to be released on October 07th.Abhinetri movie is the female oriented movie which is expected to be a romantic comedy horror genre. Abhinetri movie is produced by Kona Venkat.Abhinetri Movie Heroine Tamanna Bhatia is playing different role in the movie which represents a glamorous heroine and ghost too.This movie included horror elements with lot of fun and Abhinetri movie heroine Tamanna will definitely rock on the screen.Latest photos and images of Abhinetri Movie Heroine Tamanna Bhatia are collected and specially framed for the fans of Abhinetri movie and heroine Tamanna.Photos of Tamanna in Abhinetri movie and stills of Tamanna in Abhinetri movie are the most things included here.

Abhinetri Movie Heroine Tamanna Bhatia latest photos Gallery:

abhinetri-movie-heroine-tamanna-bhatia-latest-photos-gallery-1 abhinetri-movie-heroine-tamanna-bhatia-latest-photos-gallery-1 abhinetri-movie-heroine-tamanna-bhatia-latest-photos-gallery-1 abhinetri-movie-heroine-tamanna-bhatia-latest-photos-gallery-1





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