ISRO will launch SCATSAT-1 on 26th September for Weather related studies.

Indian Space Research Organization plans to launch one more set of satellites in to the orbits. ISRO will launch SCATSAT-1 on 26th September  for Weather related studies.On September 26th along with SCATSAT-1 seven other co passenger satellites will be launched in to Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO). The Polar Satellite Launching Vehicle will launch satellite on September 26th at 09:26 hours from Sriharikota.SCATSAT-1 Satellite contains various satellites from countries – Algeria, Canada and USA along with two satellites from Indian Universities. Weight of SCATSAT-1 satellite is 377 kgs.


scatsat-5 scatsat-3 scatsat-2 scatsat-1scatsat-7 scatsat-9

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