New Innovation in out door Advertising – Alternative to Hoardings

In Hyderabad city hoardings and banners are became threat to the people. Because of heavy winds many banners and hoardings fell down. Few people died and many cars damaged. The atmosphere of Hyderabad had changed with the fall of hoarding and banners. Municipal Minister KTR showed his anger over banners and hoardings. KTR ordered GHMC commissioner to remove all the banners and hoardings put up without permission. And GHMC staffs are busy in doing that.

The companies are much worried about their promotions. But NIT Warangal passed out students came out with a Start-Up named ‘Ad Wagons’ which would be solution to the hoardings and banners problem. They are doing their service in a reliable cost and promoting the companies very well. It is an Eco friendly advertisement Start-Up. Government should encourage such type of Start-Ups so that many innovations may come.







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