Freedom 251 mobile is Free – Ringing bells loyalty cards Offer

Freedom 251 mobile is  Free.Freedom 251 is the smart phone which created sensation in mobile and telecom industry with its amazing cheapest price of just Rs.251/- with great features that are common with majority of the smart phones.Now the manufacturer of Freedom 251 mobiles i.e Ringing bells is going to give Freedom 251 mobile for free.Really its an amazing news for the smart phone users.Ringing bells decided to give Freedom 251 mobiles for free for the customers those who will buy Ringing bells loyalty cards.Based on the Ringing bells loyalty cards Offer there are three types of loyalty cards those are Silver, Gold and Platinum.These loyalty cards will be helpful in getting discounts while purchasing electronic goods from Ringing bells.Freedom 251 mobile is  Free for the customers those who buy any of the loyalty card.Cost of Silver, Gold and Platinum loyalty cards are Rs.500/-,Rs.1000/- and Rs.2000/- respectively.More information will be updated soon.

Ringing bells loyalty cards will bring you Freedom 251 mobile for free

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