Devi Sri Prasad Movie Poster is released and its creating hype.

Director Sri Kishore who is renowned for movies like Susesham and Bhoo.Now He is back with another horror element story with an amazing title i.e Devi Sri Prasad. Actually this movie is getting very high curiosity with the title itself.From many there was a news that Music composer Devi Sri Prasad is going to be on screen as a Hero.Though this film is completely varies from the person since this story is completely related to horror content.   According to the director , it is a dramatic thriller suspense and the concept of the film is completely different from other routine films.The work of pre-production of the film has already begun and near the end. After the completion of the distribution and the remaining crews will be the official announcement.Devi Sri Prasad movie poster is released and its creating hype over the story line.

Devi Sri Prasad Movie Poster:


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