Janatha Garage Review by RGV- Ram Gopal Varma’s Opinion Janatha Garage

Controversial and versatile director Ram Gopal Varma who is well known for his controversies and straight forwardness in many things.Ram Gopal Varma’s special enthusiasm over Tollywood movies will always lead him to make tweet over movies on the next day of release.Now its the time for Janatha Garage Review by RGV.Ram Gopal Varma’s Opinion Janatha Garage is clearly stated on his official twitter and facebook page.Ram Gopal Varma’s review on Janatha Garage is creating hype over the movie and making buzz on social media. Janatha Garage movie bagged compliments from Ram Gopal Varma since RGV stated about performance variations in Janatha Garage.

Ram Gopal Varma review on Janatha Garage

Ram Gopal Varma said that: Thrilled that Junior Ntr is so evolving through the classes unlike Senior Ntr who just deevolved through the masses


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