James Bond Pierce Brosnan Pan Bahar Ad is going viral – Do you know the reason?

Pan Bahar is the leading manufacturer of Guthka, Mouth fresheners in India.Pan Bahar’s latest ad is going viral on social media.The main reason is James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan acted in Pan Bahar ad and this Pan Bahar ad featuring James Bond actor is going viral on Social media.Pan Bahar Ad is going in social storm since the actor is most popular worldwide. And the main question raised by anyone after watching Pan Bahar Ad is why did Pan Bahar chose him to acts in commercial ad of Pan Bahar.Here is the video of Pan Bahar latest ad which highlights James Bond Pierce Brosnan in one more special character for Pan Bahar ad.

James Bond Pierce Brosnan Pan Bahar Ad – Pan Bahar commercial ad:


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