Jr.NTR might be Hiranyakashipa of Gunasekhar -Gripping news about Tarak

We all know that most prominent and talented director Guna Sekhar who is well known for his settings at the movie backdrop recently registered Hiranyakashipa title.Main important thing to discuss here is Hiranyakashipa’s role might be done by Tollywood star hero Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao – Jr.NTR.Its been spread in the Telugu Film Industry that Jr.NTR might be Hiranyakashipa of Gunasekhar.There are many reasons for this.Most of fans estimated that Pratapa Rudrudu – Sequel of Rudramadevi will be done by Tarak.But unexpectedly Gunasekhar postponed that movie. Now with recent registration of title Hiranyakashipa its been said that Hiranyakashipa role might be done by Jr.NTR.Here one more thing to be analysed is Jr.NTR may or may not accept the negative roles. Based on the decision of Jr.NTR Hiranyakashipa of Gunasekhar will be framed if Gunasekhar contacts Tarak for this movie.We have to wait for some more time to get some more updates about Hiranyakashipa of Gunasekhar.Recently Jr.NTR confirmed movie with Director Bobby in the banner of NTR Arts and it will be commencing shooting from January ending.


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