Manmohan singh is Vijay Mallya’s bank Guarantor – Bank of Baroda


Business magnet Vijay Mallya escaped from the country to London. He was Defaulter of 9000 crores. He has taken that money from different banks and Bank of Baroda was of the bank to give money to Vijay Mallya. Bank of Baroda founded the Guarantor of Vijay Mallya. His name is Manmohan Singh. He is a farmer in Utthar Pradesh. He has 8 acres of Land. Banks had frozen his two bank accounts. Manmohan says that he doesn’t know Vijay Mallya and he never went to Mumbai. He is losing many government facilities as his bank accounts were frozen. Bank of Baroda says that if Vijay Mallya clears his bank dues then only Manmohan singh account will be opened. Here is the Pic of the Manmohan Singh


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