My GHMC Mobile Application is launched by IT Minister KTR

Telangana state IT Minister K.Taraka Rama Rao officially launched My GHMC mobile application.My GHMC application will allow users to register themselves which will be a complete library of Property, Trade License tax payments,LRS, GHMC related taxes, Birth and Death certificates and Grievances could be filed on My GHMC app. My GHMC app will be highly useful as this application will help any citizen to upload grievances.Here are some screenshots of My GHMC application.My GHMC Mobile Application can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

My GHMC Mobile Application is launched by IT Minister KTR (1) My GHMC Mobile Application is launched by IT Minister KTR (4)

 Minister KTR

2 thoughts on “My GHMC Mobile Application is launched by IT Minister KTR

  • September 19, 2016 at 2:37 pm

    Hi sir,

    I was very disappointed with you work,

    Previously I had a fight with my friends as well that you are doing a great job to set the Hyderabad in order.

    But these days I was feeling very bad that none of the roads are good,

    KPHB road num 1 to Dmart: This was a new road which was done 20 days back and for 2 times rain it was in worst situation now.

    Hitex roads: As most of the revenue is coming from IT industries: why you are not taking care of the software employees, come to Tech M, value labs, Del, oracle companies you can see the worst roads,

    And the thing is most of the employees will stay back in office for 10 hrs unlike gov employees and this badly traffic will take 2 hrs journey from office to home so where is time to spend with the family for maximum time,

    I can understand that this cannot be happened in a single day which was created by the previous worst governments

    but I still had hope that you will do the best.

    • September 21, 2016 at 9:56 am

      Thanks for your response and complaint over the Hyderabad city problems. Though this post is published in response with promotion of My GHMC Application which was launched by Telangana Government.This is just a news article which is published in order to promote that GHMC application so that Hyderabad citizens will know about it.You can submit this complaint on Official page of My GHMC application in which complaints will be registered and GHMC authorities will respond over the complaints.


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