Pawan Kalyan Roadshow Live at Ichchapuram – Uddandam

Janasena Party President, Tollywood star Hero Pawan Kalyan will visit Kidney patients in Ichchapuram region.Pawan Kalyan will meet kidney patients those who have been suffering with diseases related to kidneys where almost 4000 people have dead and more than 70,000 people are suffering from kidney related health problems.Janasena Party officially announced that Pawan Kalyan will be visiting Ichchapuram kidney patients and Pawan Kalyan Roadshow Live at Ichchapuram on January 3rd.Pawan Kalyan Roadshow Live will be broadcasted on Youtube and officially Pawan Kalyan Roadshow Live streaming will be published here in this post.Pawan Kalyan Roadshow Live at Ichchapuram will available on January 3rd 2017.In this roadshow Pawan Kalyan will respond on the problems of Kidney patients in Icchapuram, Srikakulam district.

Pawan Kalyan Roadshow Live streaming -meets Kidney Patients Ichchapuram ,Srikakulam District:


Experience of Kidney Patients @ Ichchapuram – A Documentary


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