Special status bill is going to be voted on 13th


Congress MP KVP Ramachandhar Rao produced a Private bill in Rajya sabha for the Spacial Status to the state Andhra Pradesh. The bill is going to be voted on 13th May. Congress party already passed vip to all the Members of Parliament to support the Bill. But the BJP did not have majority in the Rajya Sabha so they are not interested to go for the voting. BJP planning to postpone the Parliament so that they can escape from the voting. On the other hand if the bill comes for voting, it will be great trouble to the TDP which is ruling government in Andhra Pradesh. TDP in a situation that it can neither support the bill nor reject the bill because the bill was produced by Congress party who were the birth enemy of TDP. By postponing the Parliament session BJP can save them selves and also they can save TDP.

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